ABC Refinery Responsible Gold Program binder with environmental logos displayed across the front

Responsible Metals

Pallion entities are fully compliant with the LBMA, OECD and World Gold Council Conflict Gold Policies.  All precious metal issued by Pallion is sourced in a way that does not cause, support or benefit unlawful conflict, or contribute to serious human rights abuses or breaches of international law.  In addition, the Pallion refining division is subject to annual independent Conflict Metals audit.

View The ABC Refinery Responsible Precious Metals Supply Chain Due Diligence Policy

View The ABC Refinery LBMA Responsible Gold Certificate 2018

View The ABC Refinery Responsible Gold & Silver Compliance Report 2018

View The ABC Refinery Responsible Gold & Silver Audit Report 2018

View The ABC Refinery Responsible Gold Compliance Report 2017

View The ABC Refinery Responsible Gold Audit Report 2017

View The ABC Refinery Monitoring and Risk Management Policy

View LBMA Gold Guidance

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Machinery signifying ABC Refinery's commitment to recycling precious metal scraps


All Pallion production processes have been developed to minimise environmental impact.  Pallion’s commitment to environmental protection is further evidenced by the fact that it is one of Australasia’s largest recyclers of precious metal scrap.

View Pallion Group Environmental Policy Statement 2018

AB Cource logo with ABC Bullion gold bars in the background


ABCource™ is ultra-premium precious metal product produced by Pallion that satisfies strict tracing of origin criteria – not just in respect of its sourcing but also throughout the entire production chain.  ABCource metal is sourced from suppliers that adhere to the highest levels of environmental, health and safety requirements.  ABCource™ metal is quarantined at the point of delivery to the ABC Refinery and throughout the production process through the use of dedicated crucibles, bespoke laboratory practices, and segregated refining processes.  ABCource™ metal is subject to annual independent processing audit.  ABCource metal products are currently available in cast bars, minted coins and tablets as well as 999.9+ purity granules.