Casting & Jewellery

Three gold and silver engagement rings displaying the custom jewellery manufacturing processes
  • Design:  Premier conceptual design team in Australasia, Pallion provides a superior jewellery design ranging service
  • CAD:  Largest jewellery trained computer aided design team in Australasia
  • 3D Printing:  Largest fleet of jewellery dedicated rapid prototyping machines in Australasia
  • Casting:  The region's premier casting service, casting in all alloys daily
  • Moulding:  Largest mould library in the southern hemisphere
  • Stamping:  Custom pressed jewellery production
  • Finishing:  Polishing, Plating and Setting services
  • Laser Repair:  Laser Repair Service for jewellery and watches
  • Engraving:  Laser Engraving Service
  • Stone Setting:  Superior precious stone setting services
  • Locations:  Palloys and Goldenage International products are available at all Pallion offices throughout Australia and Hong Kong (SAR)