ABC Refinery Utilises Sustainable Acidless Separation Technology

ABC Refinery Revolutionises Green Refining Processes with Acidless Separation

In Pallion’s endeavour to ensure environmental consideration is present in every facet of operations, we are proud of ABC Refinery’s procurement of Acidless Separation (ALS) technology. ALS is the latest in technological innovation for the pre-refining process utilising vacuum distillation technology to remove silver and light elements from Au/Ag/Cu alloys. ALS technology ensures ABC Refinery is utilising the latest in true green technology and continues to remain environmentally committed in the production of precious metals.

The introduction of ALS technology runs in conjunction with pre-existing environmentally conscious practice including, emission abatement, waste-water treatment and recycling. The implementation of such practices at ABC Refinery will only be further amplified as ALS utilises no hazardous chemicals, instead relying solely on heat and air pressure to purify gold and silver.

Pallion Group companies are constantly on the forefront of revolutionising industry practices and ABC Refinery is no different. Acidless separation relies on vacuum pumps and chambers to separate gold from other metals achieving 99.5% pure gold with zero chemical emissions and making processing safer for both employees and the environment. The investments and progress being made by ABC Refinery are wholly in-line with Pallion’s ongoing implementation of innovative technologies and our dedication to making Pallion Group companies leaders in environmental sustainability.

In the words of Managing Director, Phil Cochineas, “Producing gold, the world’s most coveted asset, has always been both a time intensive and chemical intensive process. Most refiners have used chlorine gas, the Miller process, for over a century. We’re quite proud to be the first and only Australian refinery to use ALS. At ABC, we’re committed to improving our operations to provide maximum efficiency and limited environmental impact. ALS is a great leap forward for us and the industry as a whole.”

For more information on the benefits and operation of ALS technology within Pallion Group companies please visit the ABC Refinery website.